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Erikan Obotetukudo | Crypto as the New Internet + The Power of Your Name

What is the "new internet"? In this conversation with Erikan Obotetukudo we explore how she is investing in the next 100 years with her company Audacity, how there is space to be first in this new commerce, and the importance of your name.

Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene | How Black America is Getting Funding Like Never Before

In this episode we have an incredible chat with Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene, CEO of Popcom and Founder of Flat Out of Heels. We dive into how Black founders are getting funding like never before, how she grew from an investor to an advisor, and much more.

Jaden Chambers | The NASA Pathways Intern Who’s Inspiring the Next Generation of Black Youth

Jaden Chambers, our youngest guest yet, is a current NASA Pathways Intern. He shares how his drive and curiosity to learn has taught him the value of hard work, and inspired others along the way.

Cecil White | The Secret Sauce to Building Businesses for Sports + Hollywood Elite

In this conversation with Agent & Executive Cecil White we discuss his secret sauce for building businesses for his clients, a recipe for success for those looking to become an agent, and how he overcomes his obstacles to help the next generation.

Nikki Merkerson | The Importance of Investing in Real Estate & Building Generational Wealth

Nikki Merkerson is the Founder of Pairgap, and a Wealth Building Advocate. In this conversation, she shares how home ownership is key for closing the wealth gap, and much more on why she is a home ownership advocate. We also hear from her son Keith who is now the CEO of the company she founded, Urban Leisure.

Terrence J | Unlock your Genius Level Capabilities

In this can't-miss episode, Terrence joins Donald to reveal how he stays at the top of his game, and explore the genius-level capabilities we all have within us.

Vivian Kaye | From Bootstrapping to a 7 Figure Business

In this powerful episode, Vivian Kaye, Founder & CEO of KinkyCurlyYaki shares her journey of building a premium textured hair extension brand that she bootstrapped to over $6 million in revenue.

Dr. Kristian Edwards | Black Owned and Sustainable? Yes, It’s Possible with BLK + GRN

We speak to Dr. Kristian Edwards, hearing her inspiring story of building BLK + GRN, a marketplace that features and promotes Black owned, great for the earth products.

Boye Fajinmi | How ‘The Future Party’ Created a Culture with Millennial Professionals

Is it possible to go for your big idea and turn it into a success? We learn from Co-Founder of The Future Party Boye Fanjinmi on his journey of taking the leap to entrepreneurship, the journey, and pay off to that hard work.

Sandy Kemper | Founder of C2FO on his focus Fixing Systematic Racism & The Importance of Education

In this interview with Sandy Kemper, Founder and CEO of C2FO shares his focus on fixing systematic racism and problems in the financial system, and the importance of education.

Evan Leaphart | Teaching Kids the Fundamentals of Credit with Kiddie Kredit

What if we were taught credit concepts at a young age? In this episode, we talk to Evan Leaphart, Founder at Kiddie Kredit who has created an excellent solution for credit education for youth.

Khadijah Robinson | How Money is Power for the Black Community

Money for the black community is power, and Khadijah Robinson has put in the work to empower people to buy Black through The Nile List. In this episode we discuss Georgia going Blue, how to not spend money in places that furthers the prison system, and much more in between.

John Saunders | A Serial Entrepreneur’s Recipe for Success & it’s Impact for Black America

John Saunders, a serial entrepreneur and founder of 5Four Digital & blackwallet.org shares his recipe for success, and impact his companies have on the Black community.

Mykail James | You Can be Bougie, and on a Budget

People love to get money advice and share their wins with the Boujie Budgeter, Mykail James. In our premiere episode she shares how anyone can take control of their money.

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