Broke on Purpose | Melody Robinson Wright Ph.D., CFEI

Is it possible to pay down 100K in debt in 3 years? If you live Broke On Purpose you can. Join us for an eye opening episode on financial literacy knowledge from our guest Melody Robinson Wright Ph.D., CFEI.

In this episode we speak to Melody Robinson Wright Ph.D., CFEI. She's a Financial Empowerment Coach, Certified Financial Education Instructor, and the Financial Literacy Lead here at First Boulevard.

She knows what it feels like to be facing a mountain of debt so large that all you want to do is run and hide. She also know how it feels to stand up to your financial situation and tell that mountain to move. She has developed a proven framework that helped her family pay off over $100K in less than three years. Now they're living their version of a rich life. In this episode she shares her story and valuable tips to help you to maximize your financial life. You should be prepared to take some great notes on this one!

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